Promoting Forest Restoration in the Pacific Lowlands of Guatemala

Launch of the GLFx South Coast Guatemala Chapter, an initiative of the Private Institute for Research on Climate Change (ICC), the National Forests Institute (INAB) and IUFRO

As part of the celebration for the renewal of the agreement between ICC and INAB for five more years, on Wednesday, 1 June, a reforestation day was held with the South Coast Restoration Network of Guatemala in Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa, Escuintla. The event offered an ideal setting for presenting the GLFx South Coast Guatemala Chapter.

The activity took place in an area of Cañaverales Farm, located in Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa, municipality of the department of Escuintla, Guatemala. Photo credit: Berny Ortega.

During the reforestation day 300 trees were planted with a symbolic meaning: to highlight the joint work that ICC and INAB have done since 2011, including the implementation of 590 nurseries, the production of more than 9 million trees, and the creation of the South Coast Restoration Network of Guatemala, in which government actors, private sector, academia, municipalities, NGOs, communities and international partners participate. The event was attended by authorities and members of the ICC, INAB, the Madre Tierra sugar production company, and the Southwest University Center – CUNSUROC of the University of San Carlos of Guatemala – USAC, among others. 

The GLFx South Coast Guatemala Chapter aims at promoting forest landscape restoration in the Pacific lowlands of Guatemala and sharing experiences regionally and globally. It is an initiative of ICC, INAB and IUFRO that communicates the activities that are carried out by the South Coast Restoration Network in the Pacific lowlands of Guatemala to contribute to the restoration of the forest landscape of the country. The Chapter is part of GLFx, the Global Landscapes Forum’s network of community-led Chapters and online communities of practice (CoPs) to accelerate local action towards more sustainable landscapes.

Regarding the GLFx South Coast Guatemala chapter, Alex Guerra Noriega, Ph.D., General Director of the ICC, mentioned that many efforts have been made that have not been adequately disseminated at the local, national and much less at the international level; so, as a member of the South Coast Restoration Network, he thinks it is very valuable to disseminate and share local experiences to motivate other groups to contribute to the forest restoration of our ecosystems.

Members and authorities of ICC, INAB, Madre Tierra sugar production company, and the Southwestern University Center (CUNSUROC) of the San Carlos University of Guatemala (USAC) participated in the launch of the GLFx South Coast Guatemala chapter. Photo credit: Berny Ortega.

“The chapter is a space where we can share many experiences and learn from groups from other countries, but also, being able to share our experience in a tropical and humid place is valuable. It is important that we join forces and learn from each other,” commented Alex Guerra.

“IUFRO has been key to our experience and to helping us connect with other groups around the world; this year, by supporting the establishment of this Chapter to communicate what we have been doing for several years, bringing together different actors: communities, government institutions, companies, and universities, among others. We believe that we can learn a lot from other Chapters and that our experience can be valuable for other countries,” added Alex Guerra, while thanking for the support in the creation of the Chapter for the Restoration Network.

Financial support for the Chapter is provided by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (BMUV).

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